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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I invest in a video designed by Image in Motion?
There are many reasons: if the show is for an organization or small business, a dynamic and informative video can raise visibility and attract new donors or customers. If it is a personal show such as a tribute to an individual, retrospective on ancestry, or entertainment for an occasion such as a birthday, engagement, wedding, or anniversary party, it becomes an invaluable lasting keepsake.
What is the difference between Image in Motion shows and PowerPoint presentations?
The difference is significant. We use sophisticated production software that has capabilities far beyond slide show programs such as PowerPoint. We are experts at visual storytelling, and know how to capture the essence of your subject in a compelling, professional show.
Why should we opt for a photographic video instead of videography?
Videography is great; however our shows offer more flexibility. If you have video, we can add as much footage as desired into our show along with still photographs, captions, and artful graphics. The result is a dynamic, multi-dimensional show and complete control over its length.